Student Accidentally Calls On-Campus Interviewer “Mom”

ITHACA-Senior Eric Scaley found himself in hot water this morning after accidentally referring to an interviewer as ‘Mom’ during a final-round for a position at a prestigious consulting firm. The interview reportedly began smoothly, until recruiter Jen Ellison, remarked that she was impressed with Scaley’s resume. Scaley eagerly replied “Thanks, Mom!” followed by 15 seconds of deafeningly awkward silence. Scaley attempted to recover by discussing his extracurriculars and previous internships, but the damage had already been done.

Although mild-mannered, Scaley is notorious for such missteps including referring to his Stats professor as “Dad,” and telling a Rebecca Olivers ‘14 “I love you” after hooking up once at a party. As of press time, Scaley has not received a job offer.

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