Original Ending Found To “Any Person, Any Study” Quote

A chance find within Cornell University’s archives yielded a stunning discovery yesterday. Under several piles of old documents, a university archive intern found a letter from Ezra Cornell with a new ending to our beloved “Any person any study” quotation. Intern Brittney Ellis noticed that the quote actually read: “I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study…except for black people and Jews.”

Jewish and Black students on campus expressed concern that they would be removed from the campus. Jewish student Erika Levy told CU Nooz that “I completely understand wanting to abide by what Ezra Cornell originally envisioned.” Levy added that she “was probably transferring to Brandeis or NYU anyway.”

The discovery has sent waves through the Day Hall’s offices. University spokesperson Michelle Landers promptly published a press release that stated “while we do believe that any student should be able to study at Cornell, we also believe in honoring Ezra’s legacy.” Landers went on to tell CU Nooz personally that “the administration has found itself in quite the pickle.”

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