Digital Analysis Proves Abraham Lincoln Plagiarized Gettysburg Address

ITHACA- A new Cornell study has found overwhelming evidence the Abraham Lincoln plagiarized the Gettysburg Address. Cornell Oral Communication professor Gabriela Baker began this research in anticipation of the 150 year anniversary of the speech held this week. Baker told CU Nooz “I read over the hard copy of his speech, and something just didn’t seem right. Sometimes you just get a feeling about certain submissions.” Baker’s suspicion grew after she submitted the speech transcript to which returned an 100% plagiarism rate. Additionally, when Baker googled “Gettysburg” to find matching resources, she discovered that the speech had been taken nearly word-for-word from the Wikipedia page for Gettysburg Address. “I’m baffled that Lincoln didn’t think he’d get caught doing this,” exclaimed Baker, adding, “Wikipedia isn’t even a reliable source in the first place.” In a press release, the administration has expressed disappointment in Lincoln’s gross violation of academic integrity, but has admitted they are still unsure how to proceed with disciplinary action.

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