Student J.A.’ed for Murder

ITHACA- Student Travis Hopkins ’17 was referred to the Judicial Administration Thursday for allegedly bludgeoning his roommate to death. The body of victim Anthony Mathews ’17 was discovered by Kevin Harris ’14, the resident advisor for the Donlon floor where the boys lived, at 10:31 p.m. on Thursday while Hopkins sat at his desk doing work, covered in blood with a bloody baseball bat at his side. At this point, Harris filled out the necessary forms for Hopkins’s referral.

“I hate to be the bad guy, but we have these rules for a reason,” said Harris. “Sometimes I have to be an R.A. first, and a friend second.”

Hopkins is due to meet with Judicial Administrator Mary Beth Grant later this week. When asked for comment, Grant noted that she hadn’t yet reviewed the case, but she anticipated a likely punishment would be “writing an apology letter.”

A thoroughly remorseless Hopkins shrugged off the charges, saying, “I just hope I don’t have to do BASICS. I hear it sucks.” As it is his first offense, Hopkins’s parents will not be notified of the pending disciplinary action.

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