Food Science Department Develops More Instagrammable Dishes

This week, Food Science Professor Mark Chang revealed the ground-breaking results from his experiments to produce more “Instragrammable” food. Students in Chang’s graduate-level class FDSC 6350: “#NoFilter, Social Media and Food” helped to create food that looks even better when uploaded to the Internet for friends to see. The National Food Science Review is calling the results, “undoubtedly the biggest breakthrough in the culinary visual arts since the Food Network got an Instagram account. #amazed #cornell #chang #picsoffood #nofilternecessary”.

With Professor Chang’s findings, social media lovers nationwide will be able to access pre-filtered lettuce – from the clichéd Lo-Fi to the more obscure Rise – for their salads or steak that always appears masterfully lit and perfectly cooked. Cornell Student Rachel Fleck ’17 enthusiastically expressed support for Chang’s work. “You see the pictures on Professor Chang’s Instagram feed and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen,” she said, “It makes me want the food so badly, but I’m also able to appreciate it for it’s profound beauty.”

When asked what was next for his lab, Professor Chang, who says his daughter’s multiple daily uploads of every single meal fueled his interest in the subject, declared, “I want to make even the ugliest of foods Instagrammable. My dream is to one day see something like toasted bread become a sepia-toned piece of art.”

The world may have to wait for such visually stunning toast, but some of the products from Chang’s previous experiments are expected to hit supermarket shelves in January.

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