Update: German Language Dept. Tries to Overtake Russian Language Dept. but is Stopped by the Ithaca Winter

Yesterday, CU Nooz reported that the German Languages department was seeking to take over the Polish department’s office space despite rampant protest from the English dept. Although the German Language department successfully occupied Polish Dept. space, they were soon rebuffed from entering Russian dept. space due to “lack of proper heating.”

German Language dept. chair Hanz Friedel told CU Nooz that “although we wanted more space, the Russian dept. was just too cold.” Friedel’s advisors had warned him that the French Dept. had tried the same move several years ago however such complaints fell upon deaf ears. Friedel later went on to admit that “in hindsight, it was probably a foolish move.”  After having failed to move into the Russian Department, the German Languages dept. has been forced to move back into its original space.

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