Alumni Update: Bench Fondly Remembered by Class of 1974

The bench outside of RPCC brings back many memories for the class of 1974, after which it has been dedicated. Here, alumni of ’74 share their stories:

Daniel Dykeman- “I remember from my days at Cornell that there were just so many benches on Cornell’s campus, but by far that one was my favorite. It was a perfect stone slab on top of two different stone slabs, and for me it was synonymous with freedom.”

Ted Decker- “That bench was where I would sit and eat dinner because none of my friends wanted me to go inside.”

Jessica Schwartz- “Me and my friends made a pact for our four years at Cornell. Every Friday, when we would go to parties on North Campus, we would meet at that bench to make sure each other’s dress was okay, if we knew where we were going and who was bringing what. I will always remember that bench as our beacon, a place where we would go to be together as friends. And then early every Saturday morning we would meet back by the bench and dry heave.”

Austin Coleman- “I had sex on that bench in the middle of winter.”

Austin Coleman’s wife- “Really?”

Austin Coleman- “No.”

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