Apprehensive Freshman “Might Have Underestimated” How Cold Upstate New York Really Is

ITHACA, NY – Last Tuesday, Freshman Human Development Major, Julia Bowers ‘17, confided to her twitter followers that she may have regrets towards attending school so far north.

She tweeted, “28 degrees in October!? I should have just gone to Duke. #cornellproblems #LayersOnLayersonLayers #CantPee”

A current resident of Richmond, Virginia, Bowers confided that she “might have overlooked the whole cold aspect.”

“I mean, the weather on campus was so beautiful when I visited during Cornell Days in April and people kept saying that Ithaca is gorgeous! Sure, I was warned that upstate New York was cold, but, I figured it couldn’t be that bad. I mean it’s snowed plenty of times where I’m from–sometimes even up to 2 whole inches!”

Bowers continued, “But that’s just it, I’m used to winter in the winter. It’s not even November yet! What’s going to happen in January and February? Am I going to die?”

Bowers is also perplexed by the casual tolerance and acceptance of this weather by her northern born peers.

“’I’ve already got all my winter gear on each morning when I walk to class–my adorable little hat and mittens ensemble, and even my big puffy jacket. But everywhere I see, people are mocking me. Some are just wearing light sweaters and some are even still in shorts!”

Photo Credit: Flickr user lay_d_lay

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