New Arts Quad Exhibit Just Man With Megaphone Yelling at You to Be A Better Person

ARTS QUAD—In order to really drive the point home that the students of this campus are derelict in their social justice duties, a new exhibit, exclusively featuring one man with a megaphone yelling at passersby to be better people, has been erected on the Arts Quad.

“I was trying to walk from White Hall to Olin when some dude with a bullhorn or something started running across the quad and yelling at me to ‘get it the fuck together and check my damn privilege.’ I just wanted a muffin and some coffee,” said Jennifer Britton ‘22.

According to sources, previous installations designed with the intent of educating students about the importance of violence prevention, criminal justice reform, hollocaust remembrance, and unconscious bias training were “far too passive ” in their approach.

“If we really want to engage Cornellians in the kind of discourse that will allow them to become champions of equality in their post-college lives we can’t depend on them to willingly come up and look at something. We need to get up in their face and yell at them to be better people,” said Emelia Hindle ‘92, the project’s director.


While the exhibit’s architects expressed pride in their creation, students said the installation was over-the-top. “I don’t really appreciate being called a bad person,” said Ryan Clayton ‘20. “I mean, I voted for Hillary Clinton what else do they want.  


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