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Shutdown Coverage: College landmarks Ezra Cornell And A.D. White Statues Closed

The administration has effectively closed the arts quad statues of Ezra Cornell and A.D. White, citing a lack of proper resources available to secure and maintain these historic monuments. Students are prohibited from looking at, sitting near and taking pictures of the statutes, and are discouraged from “enjoying them from a safe distance” according to campus sculpture curator Lisa Doblin. “Students are still allowed to walk across the arts quad with their head down, or they can take a different route through campus if they feel they are unable to comply with these restrictions.”

Doblin added,“That statue by Statler with the dick is still open though. So there’s that.”

Shutdown Coverage: IPod and Guitar Amp Replace Clock Tower Bells

Due to nonessential labor and upkeep costs, Cornell’s famous chimes have been removed from the clock tower. President Skorton refuses to let the campus go without music, however, telling CUNooz: “I asked my 16-year-old nephew Colin if he had anything to play music on. He said I could use his old ‘amp’, as he just bought a new one for his band with his birthday money.”

Skorton’s secretary, Allie Goldstein, has been assigned the task of compiling a playlist of acceptable music. When questioned, Goldstein promised that the music on deck for play will not deviate from the tunes the Cornell community has grown to love: “I have a couple different bell noises from Youtube to play on the hour. Of course, the main focus has been on getting pop songs from 6 months ago and royalty-free Christmas songs.”

Skorton advises students and faculty to keep an ear out for the change later this week.

Freshman’s Generic Photo of Campus Becomes an Instagram Sensation

Last Thursday, Biology Freshman Alyson Boyer took a photo of the arts quad from the Seventh Floor Stacks in Olin Library with her iPhone, then uploaded the picture to Instagram. The picture highlights the interweaving paths and overlooking architecture that makes the quad famous.

Almost immediately, the photo began to garner hundreds and then thousands of likes. By the end of the day, screenshots of the Instagram photo were taken and posted to other social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, where its artistic and aesthetic superiority were praised.

As one Instagram user commented, “The photographer must be one of the most talented artists, if not the most talented artist, that has ever existed. Her deliberate use of the out-of-focus shot, off-balance positioning, and the intentional white spot from leaving the flash on next to the window is truly remarkable. It clearly speaks to the erupting social climate from increasing income inequality in this country.”

Her photo has been the subject of discussion in hundreds of news forums and talk shows. Even President Obama seems to be touched by the photo as he tweeted, “Wow Aly that photo is awesome. It makes me think a lot about things and stuff. If you’re looking for a summer internship, give me a call #POTUS.”

When asked about her claim to Internet fame, Boyer responded, “I always knew something like this would happen. Instagram lets me express myself visually and it was only a matter of time that other people realized how amazing I am.”

Boyer says that she plans to continue her photography. “For my next project, I’m still deciding on whether I should Instagram a photo of the gorges from Thurston Bridge, a photo of Libe Slope looking down at Baker Flagpole, or even taking a picture of the Clocktower from Ho Plaza….Oh and I’m really excited for Spring so I can take really close-up shots of the cherry blossoms.”

Tri-Greek Council To Create Educational Musical To Highlight Dangers Of Hazing

In light of several high profile hazing incidents, leaders of Pan-Hel, IFC and MLGC organizations have moved to educate new members through a unique and creative forum: a musical. The musical will include both original and classic songs in order educate new members on the dangers of hazing at Cornell.

Greg Michaelson, the associate creative director of the Tri-Greek council, told Cornell Nooz that the show would include modern twists on old classics as well as several original numbers. Greg exclaimed “I’m sure songs like Who Turned off the Lights and Don’t put your Finger in there are really going to resonate with new members.” He told us he was especially excited for the dance choreography in the song Take Eric to the Hospital.

The musical, which is expected to cost under $2000 dollars, has been touted by the administration as a “great, educational and fun way to prevent new members from engaging in sexually humiliating and potential life threatening hazing activities”.