Cornell Senior Accepts “Senior Counselor” Job Offer from Brentwoods Sleep-Away Camp

ITHACA, NY- Josh Erikson ‘14, who was deciding between applying to medical school or continuing his 7-year streak working as a counselor at Brentwoods sleepaway, ultimately decided the latter would be “much more chill.” After being selected group leader last summer, Josh reportedly felt like he had a really strong future with the camp.

“I was just so much more mature than everyone – it’s like they’re all freshman or high schoolers or something,” he laughed. Erikson explains that he initially became a counselor following the final possible year he could be a camper at Brentwoods. “It just made sense that I would continue going there. They said it would be impossible to replace my spirit during color war.”

Will Creighton, director of Brentwoods, said of Erikson, “We’re glad to have Josh back again. He’s always been so enthusiastic about us.” When asked if there were other employees with similar backgrounds, Creighton explained, “it’s unusual for us to have someone come back after they’ve graduated. Most people get more typical jobs, but for some, the real world can be a scary place.” Josh’s salary of just over $2,000 will be supplemented by an allowance from his parents.

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