Student too Busy with Finals to Treat Appendicitis

ITHACA, N.Y. – In an effort to save time during finals week, Jesse Garber ‘15 will delay treating her appendicitis in order to review for finals. “I’m just so busy,” she told us. Garber, whose appendix has swollen to the size of a grapefruit and requires immediate medical attention, has a tough battle ahead of her: “I have two finals, a 10-page paper, and a PowerPoint presentation,” she said in a recent interview.

Although her appendix may rupture, releasing harmful bacteria into her abdomen, Garber has no cause for concern. “I started studying the day after classes ended, so I’m pretty ahead of the curve,” stated Garber. Indeed, Garber is very optimistic about her chances of surviving finals week. “One of my finals isn’t cumulative, so I won’t be responsible for as much material. I’m happy that I can attend our last Cornell Consulting Club meeting,” she said, shrugging off severe nausea and violent abdominal spasms. “I already have two unexcused absences.” Garber doubted she would have time to see a doctor, which greatly increases her chances of appendicitis-induced infection and blood poisoning.

Still, Garber reiterated the importance of her business law final. “The professor has a strict no make-up exam policy,” she recounted, only moments away from a possibly lethal appendix rupture. “If I skip the exam for a doctor’s appointment, I’d get a C in the class. That would bring my GPA down to a 3.7, and I need to get into a good grad school.” Garber plans to hopefully see a doctor before she vacations in Aruba next week.

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