ILR Undergraduate Dreams Of Becoming HR Professional

David Gonzales has high aspirations come June 2014. Gonzales, a senior in the school of Industrial & Labor Relations, is “very excited” to embark on the path to becoming an HR professional, an achievement he claims was 21 years in the making. The ILR school is most famously know for teaching its students to read and write. Graduating Summa Cum Laude, Gonzales told Nooz that he has fulfilled lifelong career goals of learning to do “basic math” and has even “dabbled in Microsoft Excel.”

Gonzales has dreamed of being an HR representative since his childhood. Gonzales told us “Ever since I was a kid, I knew this was what I wanted to do. When other kids were playing outside, I’d be sitting inside quietly at a desk pretending to read paperwork.” Gonzales was also the founder, president, and only member of his high school’s Young Human Resources Representative club. Gonzales even fondly recalls dressing up as a severance package for Halloween when he was only twelve.

Gonzales says he is prepared to deal with any challenge he may come across but is mostly excited about giving exit reviews and “teaching interns how to use the coffee machine.” Gonzales’ mother could not be reached for comment; however, his father told CU Nooz that  he is “ashamed of ILR” and that “his son is his son no longer.”

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