Hopelessly Foreign Exchange Student Excited for Halloween

ITHACA- Bratslavian student Bohuslav Grergonsk is reportedly very excited to spend his first American Halloween at Cornell. Bohuslav told CU Nooz that he planned to “make good costume of the Breaking Bad or Miley Montanas” in order to share his love of American culture with his fellow classmates. Bohuslav was also hopeful to “do treating tricks” and “tell goat stories,” adding “I have many goat stories.”

The Slovakian Sophomore also hopes to share some of his own traditions from the Bratslavian Halloween equivalent, Day of Wretched Hallows, including “The shoeing of the Rumplewitch” and “eating stew of ghost.”

Above: Bohuslav tries to “make a boo  scare” on his suite-mates.

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