Shutdown Coverage: Already on Hold Goldwyn Smith Construction Progress Remains on Hold

The large construction project on Goldwin Smith Hall has been indefinitely put on hold in the wake of the recent administration shutdown.

CU Nooz went down to the site to check on the out-of-work construction personnel, who remained on location eating bagged lunches and cat-calling female students. Construction worker Tony Aioli told Nooz “These guys, the one’s who run this place, let me tell ya, they don’ know what they’re doin’”. Aioli added “And these mooks down in Washington, don’t get me started!”

Meanwhile, student’s could not be more indifferent about the delayed construction. Cornell Senior Jeff Greenman told CU Nooz “Inconvenient construction sites are just something I’ve just gotten used to during my time at Cornell”. Sophomore Ellen Adams was simply confused by the location of the construction site, saying “Wait, the new glass dome thing is gonna be on the side facing the road, so why are all the construction fences on the side facing the arts quad? Like, what is that?”

When asked if the construction would be completed by 2014, site contractor Eddie Focaccia told CU Nooz “Fuget-about-it!”

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