Substitute Professor so much Cooler than Regular Professor

BAKER LAB- As Mrs. Winkler entered the auditorium full of eager CHEM 2070 students, she was met with concerned whispers from the crowd. The 300 murmuring students were silenced only when one of them dared to blurt out the question on everyone’s mind.

“Where’s Mr. Zax today? and who are you?” exclaimed brave freshman Eric Middleton. Winkler responded calmly to this all too familiar inquiry, “I’m Mrs. Winkler, and I’ll be your substitute Professor today.”

Winkler then proceeded to wheel out a cart containing a CRT television and VHS player, before inviting all students to come sit Indian-style around the television set. The students eagerly complied. Many even sang along as the familiar Magic School Bus theme song played before them.

At 11:35, Winkler assigned Betsy Smith to be the snack helper and hand out graham crackers to all students. By the time the educational film ended, most students were too tuckered out to enjoy their snack and many transitioned seamlessly into 11:50 nap time.

“I thought she would be mean and make us have quiet reading time, be she was actually pretty cool.” reflected sophomore Rebecca Clark, adding “I wish Mrs. Winkler could be our professor every day!”

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